Great Work of Time Service Trolling Motor Battery Maintenance Tips

Trolling Motor Battery Maintenance Tips

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A trolling motor can be a self-contained unit which includes an electric powered motor, propeller, and manages, and is also affixed to an angler’s fishing boat. trolling engines are used to launch the motorboat forward in a slow-moving, stable velocity so that the angler can fish without spooking the species of fish.

Most Trolling Motor Battery is 12 or 24-volt techniques that use deeply-cycle underwater power packs. Strong-pattern marine power packs are designed to be released and recharged often times just before they should be substituted. Nonetheless, even the best serious-routine battery will ultimately must be changed if it’s improperly taken care of.

Five Ideas to help keep your Trolling Motor Battery in Good Shape

Allow me to share 5 various guidelines to help you make your trolling motor battery in top condition:

1.Make it nice and clean. Marine batteries must be kept clean so they can run successfully. use a clean plus some baking soft drink and normal water to clean up the battery terminals and blogposts.

2.Keep it charged. Make sure you maintain your battery correctly charged so that it doesn’t come to be over-worked. You should recharge your battery after each use.

3.Steer clear of release cycles. Discharging your battery too frequently will shorten its life-time. Attempt to avoid letting your battery go under 50% ability when possible.

4.Shop it correctly. when you’re not with your vessel, be sure to store your battery inside a great, dried out spot. Excessive conditions may damage your battery.

5.Regularly look into the electrolyte level. The electrolyte stage inside your battery needs to be checked out frequently to ensure it’s topped away. If it receives too reduced, put distilled water until it gets to the right degree.


By simply following these easy suggestions, you are able to assist extend the lifespan of your trolling motor battery and ensure it’s always all set when you want it all out about the normal water. Care and maintenance could save you dollars in the long run by steering clear of untimely replacing expenses. And who doesn’t love spending less?

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