Great Work of Time Service Seoul Stars’ First K-POP Virtual Artist Yuna Launches Debut NFTs

Seoul Stars’ First K-POP Virtual Artist Yuna Launches Debut NFTs

Seoul Stars’ First K-POP Virtual Artist Yuna Launches Debut NFTs post thumbnail image

Starting December 13th, K-Pop fans will enjoy minting the first virtual artist in the industry: yuna virtual nft artist, as a Seoul Stars NFT! Born in the metaverse, the virtual singing star is launching 10,000 digital assets granting access to her exclusive albums and events on the metaverse.

What’s more, holders will be able to join Seoul Stars’ exclusive play-to-earn rhythm game – so let’s take a look!

image featuring three Seoul Stars Yuna NFTs

The Yuna NFT collection includes 10,000 digital assets of the first K-Pop virtual performer in the metaverse.

What is Seoul Stars’ Yuna NFT collection?

At first glance, Yuna is a collection of 10,000 limited-edition NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. Her beautiful character is sketched by leading Korean K-pop artist agency HUMAP. From facial expressions to hair and clothing, each digital asset reveals a fascinating side of Yuna – the first K-pop virtual artist.

In fact, Yuna was born in the metaverse back in 2004. Accordingly, the talented artist had always been fascinated by the physical world, longing for feelings that don’t exist in her digital universe. Now, Yuna is ready to explore our world while allowing us to enter hers, using NFT technology.

Surprisingly, the singer already released her debut single called “Kiss me Kiss me” with Tommy Lee as the producer. The iconic music producer is renowned for Korean hits such as Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain,” or “Don’t Forget” by Davichi.

However, Seoul Stars’ Yuna NFTs also have impressive utility within the metaverse, so let’s find all about it.

banner for the seoul stars yuna NFT collection

Seoul Stars’ Yuna is bringing k-Pop to the metaverse!

K-Pop star, Yuna, and Why you should buy her NFT

First of all, owning a Yuna NFT grants you access to the singer’s concerts and private events on the metaverse. In addition, holders can also enjoy Yuna’s upcoming singles and albums exclusively.

Once you become a Yuna NFT owner, you’ll also get to enter the Seoul Stars Rhythm Game! This play-to-earn experience allows you to earn $STAR, the game’s governance token. In the long run, NFT holders can use $STAR to decide over Yuna’s upcoming plans and identities.

Until then, though, Seoul Stars has already prepared an exciting roadmap for this unique project.

Rhythm game yuna kpop

Seoul Stars Yuna K-pop game looks like it will be an instant hit

The Seoul Stars Project Roadmap

The Seoul Stars NFTdrop is still yet to be announced. However, we do know that each GEN2 Yuna NFT will cost 2.5 SOL . Additionally, the team will also launch a TikTok challenge based on the singer’s debut single “Kiss me, Kiss me”. Apparently, this will kick off before the new year too!

In January 2022, Yuna will release her second song. Incredibly, fans will be able to mint both creations as NFTs too. In fact, three more exclusive singles will be available by Q2 of 2022.

Simultaneously, Seoul Stars will officially launch their $STAR governance token. Plus, the team will release the Soul Stars rhythm game (alpha version) in the second quarter of 2022. Reportedly, this will also include a PvP mode.

As for the next summer, Yuna will release her debut album as an NFT. Moreover, this will include all of her five singles.

Next, Yuna NFT holders will enjoy the final version of the Seoul Stars play-to-earn game during the final quarter of 2022. Finally, fans will be able to attend exclusive Metaverse concerts starring Yuna in 2023!

If you want to hold an NFT of the first K-pop virtual singer on the metaverse, you can mint your Yuna NFT very soon via the official website. Make sure to follow Seoul Stars vis Twitter and join their Discord channel for exclusive announcements, giveaways, and more!

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